AFCON 2022: To Be Or Not To Be


Africa biggest football events (Afcon) which hold every two years and supposed to kick of this January in Cameroon is now in doubt as it has suffered postponement on two different cases.

Also the body languages of various European clubs where most of the African players expected to grace and also gliters the event are plying their trade is nothing to write home about as their reaction towards the event has been nothing short of riducles.

The latest assault on this biennial competition is the president of FIFA, the world football governing body Gianni infantino who has openly call for any possible rescheduling of the competition which amount to enchoing the calls which are being made by European top football managers like jurgin kloop of liverpool, Mikel arteta of arsenal and others with the backing of FIFA president.

As it stands, only some more negotiation and high level consultation with the necessary quarters can ensure the competition go on as planned if not the critics of this African biggest football gathering might have their way and that will not augur well for the development of the sport in the continent.

Although the president of CAF Patrice motsepe assured the competition will go ahead as planned but all is now speculation except until when there is sure prove. Meanwhile it is bad for African football to witness any infraction towards this great football event.