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Acting IGP Urges Public To Uphold Law, Promote Peace Amid Global Security Concerns


Oct 20, 2023

Against the backdrop of growing global security challenges, particularly the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Inspector-General of Police, Acting IGP Kayode Adeolu Egbetokun, NPM, Ph.D., has issued a resounding call for individuals to prioritize law-abiding behavior and actively promote peace in their interactions with fellow members of the public.

The IGP has urged citizens to refrain from making statements or taking actions that could disrupt the existing peace within Nigeria.

The IGP conveyed this message while addressing mobile policemen, operatives of the Department of Force Intelligence, as well as those working in Zonal and State Departments of Intelligence, and officers and personnel stationed at various diplomatic missions and facilities.

He underscored the vital importance of their readiness in maintaining law and order, with a primary focus on safeguarding lives and property within the country.

Additionally, the IGP has directed Commissioners of Police and their supervisory Assistant Inspectors-General of Police to ensure that all personnel under their command maintain a heightened state of readiness. According to him, this proactive approach is crucial for the safety and security of local communities.

The Inspector-General of Police has also called upon all Nigerian citizens and residents to avoid the expression of sentimental sympathies that may inflame tensions and disrupt the peaceful coexistence of communities.

He reaffirms the Nigeria Police’s unwavering commitment to promptly addressing any activities that encroach upon the fundamental rights of individuals.

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