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    2023 GENERAL ELECTION: DSS Warns Nigerians, Media Against Making Divisive Remarks

    ByHybrid Communications

    Jun 23, 2022

    Prior to the general election of 2023, the Department of State Services (DSS) has cautioned Nigerians against remarks, utterances and behaviour that could promote disharmony and threaten peaceful coexistence in the country.

    The Service Spokesperson, Dr Peter Afunanya while addressing journalists at the DSS headquarters in Abuja on Wednesday, said fake news, hate speeches, terrorism, thuggery and other divisive elements are capable of triggering violence in the country.

    Dr Afunanya urged the media to be patriotic and resilient in ensuring that they disseminate factual and credible information at all times.

    In his words: “Elections are here again let us shun violence, let us play the game according to the rules. Do not be a thug, say no to violence, let’s rise and defeat violence, crime and sabotage against the peace of our Nation”

    “Nigeria is the only country we have, we must do everything to keep it united.

    We must avoid any act that promotes hate and disintegration. Say no to separatist movement, terrorism, fake news, hate speech, religious bigotry and any act that tends to divide us as a nation”.

    “Restrict access to sensitive documents and data, the disclosure of which may damage National Security. Educate your staff and family, particularly on measures to safeguard information and report security breaches.

    Apply relevant legal security guidelines to protect yourselves and your neighbours.

    “Peace is very critical at a time like this. Leaving together in harmony, religious tolerance are the things that the media should begin to preach.

    Slanting news to achieve ulterior motives that may be set by persons or group who are desirous of bringing chaos and violence to our nation is a temptation that the media must resist.

    “Avoid wrong use of social media. Before you broadcast that false message, think twice. Ask whether it will promote peace or violence”.

    He further assured of the service commitment to peace building and stability in the country.

    “As a domestic intelligent agency of Nigeria, a foremost one for that matter, we will not shake from our responsibility. We will continue to discharge it without hindrances, without fear of any kind no matter whose ox is gored. We will continue to discharge our duty credibly and ensure that the deserving peace that Nigeria needs or require is indeed restored in our nation,” Afunanya added.

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