• Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

2023 ELECTION: Ihiala Communities Laments Over Security Challenges

Ihiala local government area is currently grappling with security challenges yet the struggle and scramble for the highest political office in the area has climaxed with a number of dramatis personae and their cronies brandishing thunder and brimestone; almost like a near political warfare.

Ihiala has a local government authority, two state constituencies and a federal constituency but between 1966 and now, Ihiala seems to be nowhere close to having legislative instruments both at the state and federal levels to change her melancholic status yet there is a massive clamour for representation at various levels of governance.

While the debate on the Ihiala zoning formula has reached its zenith, bestowing Ebonesie zone the political right to produce the next representative for Ihiala federal constituency other zones posited that the said seat is open for contest. Hence every character is ‘ qualified ‘ to contest irrespective of his or her zone in Ihiala political blocs.

Again, while the scramble for Ihiala federal constituency seat in 2023 continues to gather momentum, it is pertinent to ascertain the socio-political needs of Ihiala local government area and not merely nursing an ambition for personal aggrandizements. Is Ihiala really making a headway under her crop and calibre of politicians ?

For those aspiring to represent Ihiala 1 and 2 state constituencies in the 8th legislature of Anambra state, communities like Ubahuekwem, Osumoghu, Lilu, Iseke, Ubuluisiuzo and a host of others should be top on the agenda of execution and distribution of projects in relation to felt-needs. Ihiala federal constituency is in dire need of federal presence and the next political dispensation will determine a great deal the extent to which we muscle this presence.

Ihiala needs help, Ihiala needs representatives who will not represent themselves but individuals who have rudimentary knowledge of the problems of Ihiala local government area and how to deploy the instruments of effective legislations to solve them.

Ihiala needs not individuals merely seeking second term to complete fictitious projects or individuals seeking to occupy elective offices just to acquire political power for personal gains; Ihiala needs people who have studied and understood the problems of Ihiala and how to addressed them in accordance with their manifestoes.

Ihiala really needs creative minds in the next political dispensation. Yes, Ihiala really needs help.

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